9 Best Thrift Shops In New York City You Must Need To Visit | 2021

Thrifting has forever been a famous distraction in New York City; however with the reestablished center around moderate and more maintainable living, there’s been a many individuals wiping out their wardrobes…
What’s more, what doesn’t start euphoria for them may unquestionably start happiness for most of us (and a ton of delight for our wallets)!

In any case, with regards to thrifting, there’s dependably a shot at running into high ticket things because of the name connected to it and the “vintage” part of it. No real reason to stress!

We’ve assembled a rundown of the best second-hand store we are aware of where you can really observe reasonable pieces that will spice up your closet, and we’ve even outlined it for you, as well.

Here is our best second-hand store in NYC:

10 Ft Singles by Stella Dallas has an enormous space with unlimited things that are sensibly valued, however assuming you’re hoping to move forward with your vintage game (with a more exorbitant cost tag) there’s a different room in the back with much more treats.

Where: 285 North Sixth Street

1. Reference point’s Closet, Greenpoint

This NYC staple was established in Brooklyn and has since opened a few areas from Park Slope to Chelsea. With fun, shading coded racks you will undoubtedly track down something in any of them

2. Bison Exchange, Various Locations

Bison Exchange is a purchase/sell/exchange store with five areas of the city (two in Brooklyn, two in Manhattan, and one in Astoria). In their stores, you’ll observe things going from a couple of bucks to two or three hundred relying upon the fashioners and nature of the piece.

Where: 504 Driggs Avenue (Williamsburg); Various Other Locations here

3. Intersection Trading Co., Various Locations

Another purchase/sell/exchange shop NYC, you can not just sell or exchange your things store yet there are choices to simply drop off your things, send it through the mail, or transfer! They keep to the season and attempt to remain as momentum as could be expected so you probably won’t observe vintage pieces here.

Where: 135 North Seventh Street (Williamsburg), Other Locations here

4. Lodging Works, Various Locations

There are many House Works areas all through the city and they sell everything from adornments to furniture, and everything in the middle. It’s somewhat to a greater degree a hit-or-miss rather than a portion of different spots on this rundown, however, no one can tell what you’ll run over.


Where: 157 East 23rd Street (Gramercy); Various Other Locations here

5. L Train Vintage, Various Locations

This is one that you’re most certainly bound to leave with something since we as a rule stroll into L Train Vintage needing pretty much everything in the store. Every one of their areas is open day by day, except for their Dekalb and Grand Street stores which are just shut Sundays. Most certainly one of the most amazing second-hand stores in NYC!

6. Hour Children’s Shop, Astoria

You can score some stunning furniture pieces and stylistic layout things at this Queens shop, in addition to it giving professional training and supports in the past detained ladies. Discover more on their site here!

Where: 31-24 Steinway Street

7. AuH2O, East Village

Photograph changed: howl/
Photograph changed: howl/Sandra L.
Subsequent to going on the web just for a short break, this little shop in the East Village is back fully operational in its unique area! Track down an awesome assortment of used, vintage, and upcycled ladies’ garments and gems, at incredible costs. You can likewise shop on Instagram, Depop, and Etsy.

Where: 84 E. Seventh St.

8. Sunnyside Thrift Shop, Sunnyside

Situated in Sunnyside, Queens this shop genuinely sells everything. You can track down books houseware, garments, and a wide range of little knickknacks.

Where: 45-12 Greenpoint Avenue

9. Loveday 31 Vintage, Astoria

This one isn’t by and large a second-hand shop, however an astonishing spot to score organized vintage apparel and embellishments! We particularly love their stud assortment, in addition to there’s a $20 rack outside the story on ends of the week.

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