Are Thrift Stores For Everyday People?

Yesterday I drove by my local Value Village Thrift Store who had a massive sign about a store-wide sale of 50% off everything in store. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to stop in and check out the sale. In my vicinity and there are three or four have a 50% off sales usually once a month. Value Village hosts their half off sale always on Monday’s and typically happens within one of the first two Mondays of every month.

I’ve always shopped at thrift stores, and even more so enjoy shopping when you can get any item in the store for 50% off.will tell you that you can find some pretty great deals, hidden treasures and collector items in second hand stores. You can get the most for your money while pursuing the aisles for great deals. There is a misconception though.

Most people associate second hand stores as a place for the poor people in society to shop and get items at a significantly less of a price than what they would pay at the malls. Thrift stores are there for everyone – not just the poor people. Anyone looking to save a few bucks, get a good bargain and support a good cause can gain a lot by shopping at a second hand store.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I often visit Thrift stores. And not just on 50% off days. There are good deals to be found if one is willing to take some time and pursue the aisles. In the past I’ve been able to find brand name clothing with tags still attached for a fraction of the price that I would pay in the mall.

I proudly shop thrift stores, yard sales, garage sales for great deals. Do I think thrift stores are for everyday people? Absolutely. Anyone can find great deals on everyday items, clothing, books, costumes and even furniture.

Here’s a true story. A close friend, who’s a total fashionista only shops at second hand stores. All the clothes that she wears are designer labels, and when we walk in together to any local Thrift store, everyone knows her by name. The only items in her wardrobe that she buys new are shoes and undergarments. And here’s the kicker’; she earns six figures working in a fancy law-firm in downtown Toronto.

Purchasing items from thrift stores is more than just getting a bargain. Majority if the items are dropped off by people who no longer the items, while other items are collected through local clothing drives. Second hand stores such as the Salvation Army reinvest part of the earned money back into the community by helping those less fortunate by providing affordable housing, food and clothing.

Another benefit to shopping in Thrift stores is that you are helping environmentally. Rather than just throwing out the clothes you or your kids grew out of, you can drop it off at your local Thrift store for FREE.

In return someone will come along and purchase your item, because they found a good deal, it fits them, fits their lifestyle or a combo of the tree. Anyone looking to save a few bucks, get a great bargain and give back to the community – shopping at second hand stores are the way to go.

This could be a wealthy but frugal person (like my friend), a middle class person trying to stretch a dollar, or a poor person who needs cheaper goods. Assuming to think only poor people should shop there is simply an assumption.

I wholeheartedly believe that second hand stores are for everyday people, because there is something for everyone. Money donated through purchases at places like Salvation Army will eventually go back to benefit those who are truly in need of it. I may have slowed down my shopping in recent years ( including Thrift stores), but at the end of the day I’m a huge advocate for the Thrift store. They’re a good option for anyone and even better for the environment.

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